For anybody looking to add some vitality to aged, sun-damaged skin, Forever Young offers a number of customizable facial resurfacing options depending on the patient’s needs. Our YAG laser allows us to perform full field and fractional resurfacing. A full field resurfacing requires a pass of the laser through the entire face. This process peels damaged skin on the surface, which is naturally restored with new, healthy skin. Deeper resurfacing can be done to reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s tone and texture.

Fractional resurfacing uses the laser to remove columns of skin at adjustable depths by ablating and coagulating the tissue. By doing so, the surrounding portion of the skin is left untouched, allowing it to quickly heal the affected areas. There is considerably less downtime for fractional resurfacing treatments (usually 2-3 days, making it perfect to have done before the weekend) and the same effect as a full field resurfacing can be achieved through the course of a number of treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart.

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