Forever Young offers hair removal for the face and body through the use of our BBL system. This service starts at $100. Hair is removed as melanin in the follicles absorb the light energy and spread the heat to the roots, effectively eliminating the hair. The BBL hand-piece allows for quick, comfortable treatments for large areas and adapters can be used to selectively target smaller segments, such as the upper lip.

How does it work?hairremoval1

The heat from the BBL handpiece is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. This energy spreads and travels to the roots where, upon absorption, the hair follicle is eliminated in a safe and gentle manner. The size of the BBL handpiece allows for the easy treatment of large areas of hair in a short time span.

What areas of the body can be treated?

All areas of the body can be treated. By using adapters, even the toughest to reach place, such as the upper lip, can be safely treated.

Can tanned skin be treated?

Yes, tanned skin can be treated safely. However, always inform your doctor if you have been tanning, using tanning products, or have experienced prolonged exposure to the sun within the last three weeks.

Your physician will then adjust your treatment regimen accordingly to give you the safest and most effective experience.

Can in-grown hair be treated?

Yes, in-grown hair can be easily treated. When “shaving bumps”cover follicles, the energy can still penetrate to the hair follicle for a safe and effective treatment.

How many treatments will I need?hairremoval2

Improvement in hair reduction becomes noticeable with each treatment. The number of treatments needed will vary from patient to patient and your physician will personalize a treatment plan based on the level of improvement you desire. Your physician may also combine your treatment with other popular aesthetic procedures to further personalize your treatment.

What will happen during the procedure?

Your physician will discuss the treatment with you and decide if you need a topical anesthetic cream. Treatment time will depend on the size of the area to be treated. The continuous cooling feature will ensure your comfort and safety during treatment. Since the sensation varies from individual to individual, a topical anesthetic can be provided. Let your physician know if you are very sensitive.

Is there a risk of complications?

Temporary pigmentation changes are possible but seldom occur. Always discuss your concerns with your doctor prior to treatment.

What should I expect after treatment?

Some redness and slight swelling may be present in the area that has been treated. However, this should subside within a few hours. If any prolonged redness or swelling occurs, please consult the doctor immediately.

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